Disclosing Secrets To Your Landlord

Sometimes, we all keep things to ourselves. It may seem easier to spare others the details of a mistake you’ve made, or easier not to confess to something you’ve done that is not exactly wrong, but not exactly right either. Let’s face it. We all bend the rules at times. And usually, it is completely harmless. However, there are certain things that you shouldn’t keep to yourself. When you are a renter, there are things that you just need to tell your landlord before these little secrets come back to haunt you later. Landlords have Real Link Technology to assist with these issues.

The first thing you need to tell your landlord is if you’ve gotten a pet. Its possible that you didn’t have that cute puppy or kitten when you moved in. Maybe your landlord didn’t allow pets, or maybe they charge a pet fee, and you just don’t have a few hundred extra dollars to spend, especially when there’s no guarantee that you will get it back. But lets face it. Pets, even tiny ones, can cause damage. And the consequences of keeping this secret from your landlord are severe. You can be given a significant fine, or worse, be evicted. Think twice before you keep this secret. Be upfront, and tell the landlord about the pet you’ve brought into the property.

If you’ve gotten a new roommate, you need to tell your landlord before this person moves in! Remember the background and/or credit check your landlord did for you before you moved in? They need to do the same for your roommate! Not disclosing this new person who is living with you could cause eviction. Even if it is a close friend, or even a family member, you need to take the proper steps when moving them in. This person could unintentionally cause damage to the property. The landlord has a right to know who is living in his or her dwelling. You expect them to be honest with you. You need to do the same for them.

The last thing a renter wants is to be financially responsible for repairs. Its very easy to ignore that small leak in the sink, especially if you are worried that you might get charged for it! However, you need to tell your landlord right away when plumbing problems arise. They are responsible for the bill. But, if you don’t report the problem, it could turn into a much bigger issue with a much bigger cost to repair, and not reporting it could mean that now you have to pay.

So you’ve noticed a new water stain on the ceiling. This may not seem too important. Yet it is. This could mean a leaky roof or other problem, and its only going to get worse, and more expensive. Tell your landlord as soon as you notice it so it can be rectified immediately. Extensive damage could be caused by ignoring this problem.


No one wants bedbugs! You might even be embarrassed to tell your landlord, but you need to disclose this information right away! Although you might be worried that you’ll go on the hook for the exterminating costs, the only way this could happen is if there’s proof you brought in the infestation. This is hard to prove. Most times, landlords foot the bill for exterminating costs. So put a bug in your landlords ear about bedbug problems!

Lastly, if you’ve lost your key, let your landlord know. You may receive a small charge for replacing it, but it is much less expensive than having the locks changed. If you have a fear of someone finding it and using it to enter your home, rest assured, unless your name or address was attached to the key, someone who finds it has no way of knowing that it was yours.

In short, disclose issues and secrets to your landlord. Be open and honest, and Multifamily Leasing Technology is on their side to deal with small issues before they become huge problems.


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